Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Open letter to the publishers of Dynamite Entertainment

You get an "F" for effort. It's been almost 2 months since the last comic came out. #3 is due in weeks? I beg your pardon?

When a network bounces a TV show around, it makes it difficult for people for to find the show. Eventually, they give up and not watch, thinking the show is no longer airing.

Day in, day out, I get queries about where is comic #3? Comic #4? I have to answer, "I don't know." My comic shop is getting tired of me pestering them with "is it this week?" They don't know and they're just as dumbfounded as I am.

You claim a "monthly comic." Yet, here it is a nearly two months later with no new comic book.

Is it canceled? I find highly pompus of your company to offer "pre-orders" for a comic book that's three issues later when you can't get the current arc closed out. An annual? Frak the annual. Get issues #3 and #4 out.

I'm tired of waiting. The fans are tired of waiting. Quit making promises your company can't cash. You'll find out real quick that this great idea of carrying the license is an expensive endeavor when fans don't flock to buy the comic.

They didn't buy it because they didn't like it. They didn't buy it because they could never find it.

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