Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Kevin Sorbo has issues

Normally, I am pretty good about not really slamming celebrities. I have hold back because it can be uncomfortable for some. But I am making an exception in this case.

Kevin 'Hercules' Sorbo has issues to say the least. Here is a guy, who came off as a stand-up guy, do all sorts of things for kids, etc. And it turns out, he is really just another prima donna actor who has a huge bitter thing going on. This is how you sink careers ladies and gentlemen.

Let's start off with Sorbo's latest interview. In this interview, Sorbo makes the wild accusation that Lucy left her then husband, Garth Lawless for a relationship with Hercules producer, Rob Tapert (who apparently left his wife, but that would be a common law wife).

Not true, according to several interviews given by Lawless in 1995, was seperated from her husband. There are stories abound about how Rob and Lucy first met, which was at the wrap party for Hercules in Los Angeles in 1995. Their first encounter pretty much was Rob seeing Lucy off in a corner crying because of the personal situation back home in New Zealand. I don't call that having affair, Mr. Sorbo.

By the time they started seeing each other Summer 1995, whatever relationships they had with other people, they were no longer in by that time.

Sorbo also brings up the issue of Laweless''s cameo in Spiderman. Lucy was in New York doing interviews and Sam asked her to stop by the set. She was then approached if she wanted to do a cameo (kinda like how Bruce Campbell shows up in Sam's movies). She said sure. That was a bone, Mr. Sorbo? That was Ms. Lawless being in the right place at the right time. No special trip, no pre-arrangement, no nothing.

Tracking back to Xena for a moment, in an 2001 interview (found here), Sorbo makes the claim that Xena stole all the writers, directors, etc. Not true. Xena hired in a writing staff, no one was stolen from Hercules. Additionally, New Zealand is a small country with a limited resource pool. So it's understandable that directors might enjoy working on one show over another.

Did Xena get a bigger piece of Rob's attention? Probably. More likely than not.

Back to Sorbo's current interview. No one will deny that Sorbo had a rough fifth season where he almost died because of aneurism that exploded in his shouler. However, that's not a reason to be all pissy about not getting offered a role in a movie. It's your attitude that gets you ignored by them, Mr. Sorbo.

Lucy worked through pain while recovering from her broken pelvis in 1996. She worked while pregnant. She worked when her back was killing her. She's a real trooper, Mr. Sorbo. I'm betting she didn't whine about it either. She worked, no matter how much it hurt. She worked because there were people counting on her to be there.

He then goes on about in 1996 how they asked him to do this movie that he claims was horrible and that if he wanted to make it, how come he didn't make with someone else? Um, you've been in the business long enough to know, Mr. Sorbo that movies get made for all sorts of reasons. Grow up, Mr. Sorbo.

Then we have this comment by Sorbo, "Throw me a bone." Um, maybe because you're a prima donna who's bitten off the hand that fed you is why you haven't gotten a bone tossed in your direction.

Lucy Lawless busted her ass since Xena ended to get where she is at today. And unlike you, Mr. Sorbo, you don't have people who obssess and write horrible things about you because of who you are. Not only that, Mr. Sorbo, Lucy has had to endure the wrath of fans, writing things about her husband pimping her around in season six, to the infamous claim that the she and Rob were out to destroy Renee's career. And then have the people who wanted your career dead because of the series finale and then to add on to that, people holding you personally responsible for all things wrong in your life.

No, Mr. Sorbo. It is YOU who should begging Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert for a bone. At least Lucy is appreciative of her fans and she does not go around spilling sour grapes about your show. Even with Lord of the Rings sucked out most of Xena's crew, she was sad, but she didn't bitch about it several years after the fact. Lucy Lawless has class. And you know, as much as I want her to, she probably won't counter your claims because she is a lady of pure class.

Have some class Kevin Sorbo. Do us all a favor, SHUT. THE. FRAK. UP. YOU. SORRY. EXCUSE. OF. AN. ACTOR!


  1. First off you might want to check the validity of that article. I have to wonder how much of that article is Kevin and how much of it is that author.

    My feeling is that guy had an agenda to make Kevin look bad.

  2. Which article? The one linked on Xenaville, which was from the SFX magazine or the other one where his words are in quotes (which the last time I checked, denote someone actually saying something.

    Whatever. I know what I know based on Sorbo's past comments(see 'Hercules' DVDs) and from past interviews.

    The man has swallowed the bitter pill.

    And if you want to me to check the validity, you better offer up some counter evidence to suggest otherwise.

    And if Sorbo was misqupted, he better come out say it.

  3. Additionally, you should read Sorbo's past comments from about 2000 to present, he as more than once slammed Rob, Sam, and Xena.

    He does it when ever he is asked.

  4. I was referring to the one that was on some film site..there even some fellow xenites that have problems with that article.

    I am not saying he doesn't say stupid things its just that this this article is pretty free and easy with saying he said this..and using quotes doesn't mean it is legit.

    I don't mean to upset you even more...If he did say it which is a strong possibility He lost a fan in me because I am so tired of defending him..and I do get exremely tired when my fellow fans say "oh he can say what ever he wants".

  5. The problem is that he has said it before, going back 6 years. So it is not new. It's getting annoying that he has a bitter streak.

  6. "to the infamous claim that the she and Rob were out to destroy Renee's career."

    LOL, I have never heard of this rumor, wow! You know, that's pretty lame. Its not like Renee had a career in the first place (sorry, its the truth).

    Anyway....extremely well said!!!!!!! I agree with everything you said. Not only that, he mentioned that he 'gave' them two successful spin off shows (Xena and Young Hercules). Um, no you didn't. Lucy Lawless was and made Xena, not you. They were and have to be interested in THAT character to give her a spin off; it has nothing to do with you just because you so happen to be the star of Hercules.

  7. Flo,

    Renee has a career. She's working. Just because we don't see her, doesn't mean she doesn't have a career.

  8. Its articles like this that made me no longer a Sorbo fan. Hercules was clearly a fluke success for him, as the shitty film Kull & the shitty show Andromeda proved. Bashing Lucy because she's a better actress and had a better show ensured that he'd do nothing but crappy direct-to-DVD shlock for the rest of his career