Monday, October 02, 2006

Screwed or the best just won?

I've been watching different websites, mailing lists, boards, etc etc---the normal hangouts for fans. One thing struck me as a really odd, maybe a bit selfish and foolish and that is the utter lack of respect for the actual winner of the show and saying that the Xenaverse was screwed over.

Now, don't get me wrong. It was sad to see Lucy lose. But it's not without reason. She wasn't consistant with her performances. She'd be bad in one performance, good in another. Totally fall apart in one, come back good with another. The judges notice that. They felt she had the talent, but her inexperience was showing through. But, she did improve week-to-week, which is what you want to see in this type of contest. And she definitely had a wide range of genres (but no country, which I think she'd good in). Lucy did great on her duet with Bonnie Tyler and Smokey Robinson. Her solo was dedicated to her fans. Overall, Lucy did good and she earned her spot in the final three.

Alfonso Ribeiro was the most contistant of all the performers. Each week, he went out and sang his heart out. He had the entire package. And simply did an awesome job all five weeks. He won because of his talent. Not because he did the "Carlton."

And here's the reality of it folks: If Lucy would have won (something to keep in mind), do you not think the other people would be going around saying that it was the Xena fans that voted her the winner? Yeah, they'd be doing the same thing you're doing right now.

Screwed? No. America voted talent. Not much more be said.


  1. right on. actually I said that a couple times "curses that Alfonso and his Carlton Dance" in regards to Lucy or Hal (I'm a rocker \m/) not winning,joking of course. But I'm not gonna complain and be bitter about it, that's silly. I think they were all good and thought whoever won would deserve it. And really in the end it's just a tv show to have fun with, and I know I had fun watching it.


  2. Yep. Exactly. People ge their 'panties in a twist' (to borrow the phrase from Lucy herself) over something as silly as a TV show (or even the judging) is just I don't know... verucht!