Friday, August 13, 2010

Questions from the Internet #1

This is part one of a couple different posts where I answer questions that have come up over the last year from different people who've emailed me. Now, I have answered these people privately, but I'm now just getting the question and responses up on the web.

How come the conventions are always held in January or February?

When Creation first started having conventions in 1998, it was customary to have them during the production hiatus which was in January because of TV syndication conventions usually held in either New Orleans or Las Vegas. It made sense, in order for the regular cast to attend, to have the conventions during this time. The only time which this was not the case was in 2001. The series was not in production anymore, so Creation moved the convention to May.

How come Creation charges so much for the Gold tickets?

I honestly don’t know. Compared to other venues (Twilight, Supernatural, or Stargate), the Xena conventions come in second only to the large Star Trek convention held in Las Vegas every year. But if you breakdown the costs of the individual autograph tickets, going Gold is cheaper.

How come Creation doesn’t have more Xena conventions?

Cost. That’s the main reason. In 2007, they had three conventions. The main in January, another in May in New York and a third in October in Chicago, and this was only done because Lucy was doing concerts at each of these cities. I don’t look for them to have additional conventions throughout the year for the foreseeable future.

What advice do you have for first-time convention goers?

Be watching for my guide that I put out every year. I’m currently working on revamping the guide and will launch an online version on the website later this year. The first thing that I can offer is respect other fans when guests are up on stage.

Are there any plans for additional sets of Xena to be released onto DVD?

I haven’t heard anything from my contacts about a possible re-release of the DVD sets. (Note: Season 1 was released in April 2010.) I’m not going to say no, but I’m not going to say yes. I honestly don’t know. The sales of the re-release were so-so, but considering the market was already cornered nine years ago with the Anchor Bay release, it would be hard for Universal to sell a product that’s been purchased by the largest potential audience. I’ll keep on it.

How come Universal didn’t have any extras?

Your guess is as good as mine. I can only say that perhaps because Universal just wanted to release the series out onto DVD that they didn’t care about extras, which have become a fixture on DVD releases nowadays. The extras that were put onto the Anchor Bay/Davis sets are owned by Davis Merchandising (aka, the official catalog, aka legendary heroes) and thus can’t be reissued.

Where can I download episodes?

I only answer with legal options. Try iTunes. You can also stream episodes from Netflix. Anything else can be found by simply searching the web. Please note, that by doing that you are infringing upon copyright and you can be prosecuted for it.

Any plans for additional soundtracks? Lucy CD?

Not to my knowledge. Sorry. As for Lucy, I haven’t heard anything about any upcoming CD.

What about the movie, got anything on the movie?

Nope. All I know is that the word from the man who would know (Rob Tapert) said earlier this year that the movie wasn’t going to happen. Contrary to comments from Lucy (which were blown out of proportion by wanna-be-entertainment-websites that use HACKS for writers), she is not hard-up for a movie. I think Lucy could care less at this point. (Meaning, if it happens with or without her is about the same as it not happening at all.)

Was there any mention of the movie at the 2010 convention?

Nothing was mentioned that I can recollect. I think fans have pretty much moved on.

Why isn’t Xena on TV anymore? LOGO would be perfect.

No network has purchased the license to air the series. Oxygen stopped airing the show because they’ve gone to a more Lifetime line-up (gag me with a spoon). While, LOGO would be a good spot (they’re airing Buffy), I think Universal wants to sell the syndication rights to the highest bidder.


  1. Very sad wht is happening with Xena. This is the greatest and more interesting, deep emotional and brilliant character ever, all times, and Im not talking for nothing.
    Everyone can study arts, television and film history and you goes never to read, watch or hear and theire noone even similar.
    In fact is the real first Woman-warrior-mother-friend with Her special abilites, skills, mental, emotional, psiquical and physicals, and of course noone man.
    Lucy is marvellous, every one knows, and I think She wants to do it. And a lot of people wants to do it, anyway problems are there, I hope they dissapear very soon, I mean.. now!
    In other hand the final was unfair and its need a real help now to make a film or even some more episodes (yeah, even Im the last survival who thinks that). Xena never deserved that final and we all are in doubt with Xena now coming back to life, more than ever. (Not because we liked Her.. well.. we recognise we like Xena so much).

  2. Tara:

    Thank your comments.

    Universal is on record stating they're not interested. They fell into the fan-driven campaign of-let's-make-a-movie base on "such-and-such" before. It ended in a huge box office disappointment. Those executives (who were also the ones working with Rob apparently on the movie in 2005) responsible quickly left (within six months) to find other jobs. There are loads of reasons (look at the movie news category for all my posts on the subject.