Sunday, July 03, 2011

Xena DVD question

I got two questions in the last week about the DVDs, both of the same nature.

How come season 5 and 6 of the DVD sets from Legendary Heroes has a different cover art from those released by Anchor bay?

In 2004, (aka, Xena catalog company, aka Davis Merchandising--known as LH from here on out) released the final three seasons of Xena on DVD to those who purchased the sets online directly. This was months before AnchorBay released it to the marketplace as they had done previously with season 1 - 3.

Since LH was the producer, owner of the distribution license, they had first dibs on releasing it to the impatient types in the fandom. They did all the cover work, etc.

When it came time to ship the sets out for wide release (Best Buy, etc), the cover art was altered. This was done to sort of separate the two releases--or so I was told at the time. It also could have been a simple request by Anchor Bay who wanted to have different cover art.

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