Monday, August 18, 2008

Lucy concert news causes brief moment of hysteria in fandom

Last week, an announcement came out that Lucy Lawless was going to have a concert at the Herbst Theatre in San Francisco. The announcement didn’t come from Lawless herself, but rather a posting on a website ( While the questioning of the concert was within reason, some fans felt it necessary to get mad about it not coming from Creation Entertainment (rather, Sharon who works for Creation but manages Lucy’s Official Fan Club website and mailing list).

Color me confused, but what exactly is the problem here? So the announcement didn’t come from Lawless or Sharon or Creation Entertainment and automatically its assumed that there’s a problem between Lucy and Sharon? What? Where did that come from?

First of all, there is no reason to get pissy over something as minor as this.

Secondly, to start hurling accusations and conspiracy theories about someone being on the outs with someone is just plain asinine—not to mention horribly immature and presumptuous.

There was no need to concern. And if there was a problem, it isn’t any of our damn business anyways. And more importantly, there was no need to get obnoxious and rude about it when someone tells you to knock it off and chill out.

The fact is, it boils down to Lucy Lawless doing a concert that isn’t attached to a Creation Entertainment convention and someone released it before Lucy Lawless had a chance to release it on her website. (NOTICE: The announcement is now on her website:

There was really no need for concern. And the only thing that seemed odd about it was that it took a week to get it up on her website.

However, there is a bright side in all this mess. The concert is an actual concert venue at a theater that has tiered seating—a heavy emphasis on the seating. With tickets ranging from $45 for the nosebleed and back of the theater seats to the $100 seats that get you closer to the stage, it makes the concert a tad bit more palatable on the pocketbook to most fans. And more importantly, it gets her chops wet on an actual concert venue rather than a night club venue. I think it would be safe to assume that this concert will be of a different sorts.

It’ll be interesting to see come September 28, the day after the concert, how it was.

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