Friday, June 23, 2006

Five years ago...

On this date, five years ago, I was anxiously awaiting the airing of "A Friend In Need" on WGN. It was a Saturday, and it was going to air at 7pm.

I remember that day, quite vividly actually. I had to work in the morning. That afternoon, we moved our satellite dish down from the roof (the trees were affecting it) to the side of the house. A deep hole, a post and a bag of cement later, it was time to check the tape to make sure it was ready to record the finale.

It is quite ironic, in that I remember the entire weekend. That Friday night, I had gone to my city's Summer Festival. I watched a concert band and then took in the fireworks.

But back to Saturday. I wasn't spoiler free, I already knew what happened and even watched the video clips of several scenes. So, I was fully aware (and supported) the ending. And by 9pm, I was shedding tears.

In fact, even today, I'll still cry at the ending. It starts at the "Don't you know how much I want to let you do this. But if there's a reason for our travels together, it's because I had to learn from you, enough to know, the final, the good, the right thing to do. I can't come back. I can't."

I have been one of the most supportive fans when it came to the series conclusion. I still am today. And that will never change.

So, here's to you Rob, Lucy, Renee, R.J. Stewart and the rest of the Xena crew. Thank you for giving us a grand finale. It definitely did go out with a bang.


  1. Hi! It's elsieaustin from the Xena board...I just thought I'd see what you were posting. I, too, had been spoiled--and I cried like anything all through FIN. Thanks for the tribute!

  2. I was intentionally spoiled though. I actually went out and found all the video clips I could find to statisfy my thirst before I sat down and got to see it.