Monday, July 10, 2006

Time to let it go people

My previous post addresses things that annoy me. While those bother me, nothing bothers me more than the people who can't let go of the ending of Xena. Quite honestly, it's been five years. If you haven't gotten over it by now, you have some issues that you need to work out with professional help.

You clearly have some underlying issues that aren't connected to the series. You've used the series as some sort of emotional crutch. Instead of seeking help, via a professional or some sort of "licensed" support group, you used a TV show to get you through your day.

I'm tired of hearing the whining about the finale. Get over it people. You can't change what has already been done. Five years. If you haven't gotten over it by now, you need to address whatever underlying issues you have wrong. Bitching about it endlessly isn't going to help you. You're making yourself feel completely miserable. Why make the rest of us suffer through your "disappointment." MOVE ON!

Which brings me to another nagging issue: the white glove treatment when it comes to "A Friend in Need." This has FIN content, beware. There is no FIN content in this work.

I mean really. The response to "A Friend in Need" was positive. The Powers That Be have said as much. Just because a few hundred or so fans are so hyper-sensitive over the finale, is no reason to make such a statement to warn off the overly sensitive types. Unless you have problems, then you need to address that concern.

And lastly, this brings me to the final point on this issue.

Xena: Warrior Princess is just a TV show. It is entertainment. It's not some sort of thing to be used vicariously. It's fiction. It's funny. It's drama. It's action. It's not an emotional crutch. If you are that upset about episode that you wish to "hurt yourself" or "others", then you have some serious emotional and mental issues and no TV show, no message board, no mailing list is going to fix that.

Getting too emotionally attached to a TV show is a recipe for disaster.

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