Sunday, June 26, 2011

Questions from the Fandom June 2011 Edition

Is Xena shown anyone on TV in the United States?

To the best of my knowledge, no. It recently started airing again in Australia on premium cable, but as for the United States--no. The best way to catch Xena nowadays is either buy the DVDs, stream them through Netflix (though, Lyre, Lyre Hearts on Fire and Antony and Cleopatra are not available because of music rights), purchase seasons from Amazon or iTunes streaming service. Xena was recently added to Hulu +. Hulu does have the aforementioned episodes available for streaming, and in some cases--they have the episode promos that lead episodes off.

Do you know where I can buy Xena merchandise?

Your best bet is try eBay. A word of caution, some sellers tend to "inflate" their prices because they're not serious about selling their collections. Shop around on eBay.

How to do I write to the actors?

I'm a bad Xenite in that I don't keep up on that. Try searching for individual actors on Google. Many of them have their own websites with ways to contact them (or at least someone working with them).

Are there plans to bring Spartacus onto regular TV?

I've not heard anything about syndication rights. They'd have to seriously clean up episodes and remove the sex and blood scenes. Netflix does stream the episodes and the first season is available on DVD.

What is your opinion on Spartacus?

Couldn't get into it. I tried, diligently to find something worthwhile and interesting in the series and it never happened. Some of it is that I'm not a person who gets a kick out of watching blood and sex. While it may accurately portray, in some respects, life in a Roman gladiator school--historically, there are problems with the content.

Why hasn't Renee worked more?

Some of it is personal choice, I believe. The rest of it is all on Hollywood's political structure (not political like Democrats and Republicans) of the casting world. It's who you know and your ability to sell yourself. Renee seems perfectly content working in the Indie scene.

Will there ever be a Xena movie?

Sure. Just not the one you may want. I suspect that within the next decade or decade and a half, Xena will come to the big screen. It'll be re-imagined with all new actors in the main roles. Which is sadly, as it should be. I realize that stings to hear. But I do believe that principle actors have moved on from their days on Xena.

How come Xena [I assume the person meant Lucy] doesn't do more action roles?

The person meant Lucy, I believe. At any rate, I think the question answers itself. If you still see Lucy as Xena, that's the reason WHY she hasn't taken on another Xena-esque role in the decade since Xena ended. Lucy, while she fondly looks back upon XWP, really doesn't want to go through her post XWP career playing like-minded roles. It's bad enough when Hollywood typecasts actors into the roles that put them on the map, it's worse with the fans do it as well. This is something casting people pick up on in Hollywood. Let Lucy be the judge of what roles she wants to play. And believe me, she's turned a lot of Xena-esque roles because she doesn't want to rehash Xena in some new setting.

What would you like to see in a movie?

New actors. Story---new story too. I'd rather keep the two properties separate.

Do you still write fan fiction? Tales of the Warrior was great!

This question finally prompted me to find my PDFs of the virtual series I did a few years ago. To answer the question, no. I no longer write fan fiction. I've been writing non-fiction stuff most recently. I'm currently researching for a historical fiction novel set in World War II that's loosely based on my family's involvement. Though, I wouldn't discount me not writing fan fiction altogether. I might end Tales of the Warrior with a movie. We'll see.

Do you read fan fiction?

No. I can't. I'd rather read something I created because it's based on my vision and not what another fan's vision is because the two points often don't see eye to eye. It's a polite way of saying, I can't stomach the majority of fan fiction without my intelligence or morals being insulted one way or the other. I'm sure people feel the same way about my writing as well. So it's all good. And most of the fan fiction is "smut" anyways. I like stories that don't contain sex.

Are you ever going to update your website?

The funny thing about being a history major is all the writing you have to do. I've had to write about 300 pages worth of papers over the last year-and-a-half. I finally have time and I'm making great work on getting the 'information' sections up and running. The site will be located here

Have you met any of the people from Xena?

Only at conventions. I've had some wonderful conversations with them in the past during the charity breakfast, the disco parties, and just in passing. They're just like fans. Only difference is, they have been on TV. They're all human. They require the same basic necessities to live, just like the rest of us.

Is there anyone Xena who you hate?

Um. Thinking... I can't think of a person I absolutely hate quite honestly. Since I don't know them personally, it's really hard for me to say: "I hate you" without sounding like an idiot. Unless of course you mean characters... and in that case... ALTI!

This ends this part of the questions. I'll sift through the emails, etc. to find more questions.

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