Friday, February 09, 2007

'Xena' comics 5 - 8 delayed till mid-2007

Who here did not this coming? I mean really, it's been almost three months since the last "real" comic issue, what's another three or four or at this rate, sox months??

For immediate release (okay, so it was a few days ago. I'm a little slow at processing news):


Crucial "Dark Xena" Storyline Well Worth the Wait

February 07, 2007, Runnemede, NJ - DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT announced today that they are rescheduling the "Dark Xena" storyline (schedule to begin in Xena issue #5) and will be re-soliciting the issues beginning in the May Previews.

Dynamite explained, "While we do realize the inconvenience of canceling and re-soliciting, we hope that fans and retailers understand that this decision was made out of our dedication to quality and our loyalty to the property and fans. Response to Xena has been overwhelming as fans seem to truly recognize and appreciate the devotion and labor that our creators pour into each issue. We remain committed to the high standard that fans have become accustomed to-- especially when it comes to Xena, since the Warrior Princess has some of the most dedicated fans we've ever seen! In order to fulfill our commitment, we needed to take this step, and thank the fans and retailers for their continued support.

Continued support? Yeah, making us wait six months into between continued storylines is loyalty. With the annual (heh, say that outloud) released in late January, there's been little word from Dynamite Entertainment about the delay.

Then suddenly, oh yeah, we should mention this that if you wait another three months you'll get a better comic.

If Xena is still the bodacious buxom I'm gonna puke. The only loyalty here folks is the 'Xena' fans. Because Dynamite Entertainment surely isn't sending any our way.

If they're going to do four comics a year, then SAY IT. Don't keep promising us and then fail to deliver. What's FUNNY is that a couple weeks prior to the announcement from Wednesday, Febuary 7, is that they said issue #8 would be released in March.

I laughed. I was right.

If you read the full release you get the impression that they're begging people to stay with them because of the extended delay. (Full press release here). The delay apparently stems from DE moving the artist Fabiano Neves up to another comic book they're doing with Marvel Comics.

I just hope, this extended wait is worth it.

A slight chuckle: I had to laugh at the high standard remark. I guess Xena being a triple D is a high standard.

Peace out. Don't kill any pigeons, billy goats, or flies. You might be killing a relative.

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