Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Help! We must save mother earth!

No, this is not a rant about much-to-do "Greenhouse Effect." But we must save it from celebrities who believe Mr. La Erog (I can't say his name, so I say it spell it backwards) that we lowly humans are destroying the planet for their children.

Mr. Carbon Footprint-larger-than-the-lowly-human has bedazzled Hollywood with a bunch of "scientific" talk that is well, sometimes a "fear mongerer." Trust me on this folks, for every crack scientist that says there is "Greenhousing" going on, there's an equally crack scientist saying that it's not because it's natural and here's why. (Ironically, the latter seems to have more hard scientific evidence to back their claim up!)

And yes I've seen "An Inconvenient Lie (er, I mean Truth)." I find it fear mongering, making people panic about their "misuse" of their dollar.

Reality is, this that this part of Mother Nature's course of purging herself of the nasties. It happened in the 1930s. It's happened before. And it will happen again. The hurricanes are happening at rate similar to that of the 1930s (Kiddies, get a history book read about the dust bowl.)

Now, go drive that huge SUV with the kids in tow! But just make sure you buy that hybrid and a really small house with the energy star label to make yourself look good!

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