Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Davis-Anderson do we really need to go over this again?

If you've been around the fandom long enough, the XOC long enough and my website long enough you know that I have very little love for LegendaryHeroes.com (Davis Anderson, Davis-Panzer, etc, etc).

So, I got a call from them today.

Me: Hello? (no answer). HELLO?

Troy: (I think that was his name) Yes. Can I speak to Jennifer?

Me: This is. (minorly annoyed because I know it's a call I'm not supposed to be getting).

Troy: Yes, I'm calling from Davis Anderson.

Me: Hold on minute. I told you people a year ago to remove my name from your call list.

Troy: Let me tell you about this exciting offer.

Me: (I was ignroed, HOW RUDE!) Dude, no call list. Fine. Huge fine.

Troy: You can get the complete season of Xena for $100 and as a bonus, we'll throw in the 10th Anniversary edition for free.

Me: (Just going with it now.)Why would I want something I already have?

Troy: Oh, you already have it? That's great. We also have Hercules...

Me: Dude, I'm a Xena and Hercules fan. I help run the most popular board and a very popular website. I'd be pretty sad if I didn't have Herc also.

Troy: Right now, we're offering a killer deal on Stargate SG-1.

Me: Already go it.

Troy: Highlander, excellent deal on the series.

Me: (A lie). Have that also.

Troy: Boy, you're a collector aren't you.

Me: (Waisting my cell phone minutes... note to self see about switching over to U.S. Celluar!) No. Just someone with a lot of time her hands.

Troy: Right now, we have a good deal on Xena swords. With lucy's new show coming in this fall, there's sure to be run on those.

Me: Yeah, just like their was when you telling people that there was a Xena movie a few years ago. It hasn't been picked up yet and if Battlestar didn't generate a run, neither will the other show.

Troy: (Annoyed that he's not going get to any commission outta me). The 10th Anniversary DVD of Xena has commentaries never heard before.

Me: Um. No. there was one. And speaking of which, where are the other two. I have friends in high places.

Troy: Well, since you seem all set.

Me: (Interupting the poor guy because I so want to say it). You have just violated Indiana's Do Not Call List. Your company will be fined $10,000. Have a good day! CLICK!

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