Sunday, October 15, 2006

Today's letter is the letter "I"

So people tell me I'm a good writer. No, make that excellent writer. I get pestered by friends to read their papers, offer input etc, etc. Now, I always taught never use "I" or "you" in a paper. Well, you can use "I", but if you're good enough you don't need to use it.

I'm good enough so I don't need to use "I" in my papers for school. I'm articulate enough to make it sound opinionated, yet informative. Which is why my work contains little stories to put things into context.

So, I was told to use "I" in my paper and ignored it. I got told on return to use "I." But I don't wanna! :(

This afternoon, I sat down to write my second paper for my English class. I thought about it. I stared at the blinking cursor just begging me to type. So... I typed. And I use "I believe..."

I feel like I've gone to the dark side in writing myself into a paper...

The world won't come to end. I promise.

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