Sunday, February 10, 2008

Showrunners return to work, Strike nears an end

If there is one thing that should have been obvious to most people who've visited this blog, my website and my xena forum is that there was no support of the "strike." (Read: No support of the strike, I support the writers getting a fair deal. It's similar to supporting the troops, but not the war. Only in this case, our national security isn't at risk.)

The reasoning is pretty much that I don't support strikes of any nature. They usually never "hurt" the company that it is directed at and generally hurts a lot of people who rely on the striking workers to be working. In the case of Hollywood, there was IATSE and other industries affected (restaurants, prop dealers and makers, etc) by the work stoppage. The strike costed IATSE workers nearly $500 million.

That being said, it's not to say that I didn't support the writers. Everyone deserves a fair contract. I support the people, not their strikes.

Anyways, is reporting that showrunners will be returning to work on Monday, February 11 to get productions moving again in the event the writers vote to end the strike and return to writing on Wednesday. In any case, it'll be a month or so before our favorite shows can probably return to production for a stike shortened season.

But that is just the first hurdle. The next hurdle is in June, when the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) contract expires. Time will tell if they'll go on strike. Their strike, according to industry insiders points to it not having the impact on getting a better deal.

In other news, the fourth season of "Battlestar Galactica" returns in April. YEAH!

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