Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Convention Primer -- London Convention

The guest list is set:

Lucy Lawless
Paris Jefferson
Adrienne Wilkinson
Brittney Powell
Steven L. Sears
Joe Lo Duca

So here's a few quick pointers.

One, it's not Creation's fault for the lack of convention guests. It costs them a lot of money to put a convention on--it's even more when it's abroad. That being said, unless you want to pay a higher ticket price, don't complain.

Paris Jefferson is based in the UK. The rest of the guest list has to come from LA. There's also the Creation staff to consider. So, let's not go down the route of blasting Creation for the weak guest list. Okay?

The Q & A with the stars

* Don't ask questions that have been asked over and over again. (Subtext and who's the better kissers are the frequent questions.)

* Don't ask for a kiss, hug, say hello to someone, etc. It's selfish and self-centered. (Not to mention, you'll get booed and hissed at by the audience.)

* Asking questions about participating in a charity event. This is just wrong and should not be done. The reason being, one it puts the person in a very tough position and two if they say no, they look bad and three if they say, yes they have to commit to it. All requests to participate in a charity event should be directed through the guest's representation.

* Be clear in your question.

* Don't CRITICIZE! You'll get booed.

* Questions to ask:
-- Ask about acting, directing, singing, writing.
-- Ask about current work projects.
-- Ask questions about the series--favorite episodes, what was it like, etc---it's a Xena convention!

Autograph Line Etiquette

* When in the autograph line, it's important ot have your item ready. You can only get one item signed (unless you bought tickets for more). That being said, think about what you want to get signed.

* Listen to Creation. If they tell you to move, move.

* Don't monopolize time, Creation will get really edgy with you.

* Personalization of items---Creation goes back and forth about this. Sometimes it falls upon the guest---sometimes the guest ignores Creation and does their own thing. But if you're told no and the person in front of you gets it done, don't get bitchy about.

Convention Schedule

* The days are long, so plan accordingly. Get snacks and drinks (I seriously suggest water and fiber bars---stay away from sugars and pop) to have with you if you don't want to miss anything.

* If you can pre-register, do so. It'll save you time.

* The convention schedule can change at any moment, so be aware of that. Things get delayed, something doesn't work--a guest is delayed or something else happens, so Creation has to adjust the schedule accordingly. This can happen right up to the day of the convention it self.

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