Monday, February 20, 2012

FAQ: About the Get "X" On Campaign

Is this a campaign to get a new series?

No, this campaign is geared toward getting the series back on TV in re-runs.

How is this different than the movie campaign?

We are not seeking a movie with this campaign. Our goal is get a network to re-run the series on TV. GXO (Get "X" On) feels that if the series is on TV, it can help get people interested in the campaign for the movie.

What channel are you targeting?

All will be revealed on March 1. Our focus is a singular network. If they're not interested, we'll move to another network.

How can I help?

You can help by sending in (using the postal service) a postcard that encourages the targeted network that we want them to pick up a Xena re-run syndication license. We want our message to be united and not a disjointed message of  people begging. This campaign is aimed at being short, sweet and to the point. (No network wants to hear that if you air the series, it'll do great. Never assume the internet fandom equals that of who'll watch the series and vice versa.) We cannot control what our supporters do but we do ask that you show some consideration and integrity in this campaign. We want to appear as professional as possible. First impressions are everything and to do that we must conduct ourselves in a manner that is with honor and to the degree of which we would expect to be treated.

What channels are you going to be targeting?

We're looking all sorts of cable networks and small independent channels that are part of a network-type programming schedule (MyTV, is an example one such thing). We recognize that this may not be ideal for most because they may not get and/or receive these channels. However, the point is not make it so that one individual may get the series back in their hometown but rather get the series back on the air to bring in support for the fandom, the conventions, and even the movie campaign. Our focus is to tackle one channel at a time.

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