Saturday, September 23, 2006

Whats coming for week 5 of 'Duets'; a recap, voting and more

Lucy will find out today who she'll be paired with for the final week of 'Duets.' Hopefully it's another equal pairing like it was with Richard Marx. Of all her performances, Lucy was at her best this past week. (Hence, why she got my vote.)

Okay, week 4 and it's disasterous results in the end. I have to say, Jai getting sent home was a real shocker. But when you put voting into the hands of America who pick the people that sound like them when they sing (Hal, and don't get me wrong. I loved Hal), you can understand why Hal Sparks is staying on. It's the 'American Idol' mentality. I guess Jai sang too high for them on Thursday? I dunno. And I won't spend time focusing on it, either.

Jai was the top vote getter in week 2. Lucy was the top vote getter in week 3. Both were "apparently" in the bottom three this week. It's not surprising. Why? For the simple reason that it is the way America votes.

Own up to it 'Xena' folks, the only reason Lucy is around is because of her ever loyal fan base. Without the 'Xena' fans, she would have probably been gone this week. But at least I'll have something to watch for another week until 'Battlestar Galactica' starts season 3 the following week. (Oct 6, watch the blog for a kick-off special.)

Now we're coming into the final week where the competition heats up. It is my hope, that Lucy gives another "Marx" calibur performance. Thursday's episode is not live. It will be taped Wednesday and shown on Thursday with the results show on Friday and the winner revealed.

If you missed Lucy's performance you can download them now.

Viva Le Resitence!

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