Saturday, August 19, 2006

2005 Burbank Convention Photos

When I redid the photo gallery late last year, I never put back online my photos from the 2005 convention. When I redid the gallery again this year, I didn't do it again.

Finally, they're back up and online. All 590 photos I took.

I do want to apologize in advance. There was a this lady who was about three times the size of me and about a foot taller with big hair that sat in front of me which pretty much screwed up my photos. Instead of being able to take a straight on shot, I had to hold the camera up in the air, look at the LCD screen and pray to god it worked.

And the lighting in the room was just awful. Nice to know Creation hasn't improved on that.

I might have some more photos lurking around on my backup, probably from the Burbank area. I'll have to look and see. If I do, they'll go up on my personal gallery hosted elsewhere. It's mostly the mountains, my room, a Southwest jet taking off from Burbank and of general Convention stuff.

2005 Burbank Convention Photos

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