Sunday, January 07, 2007

Xena 'Burbank' Convention

This coming weekend (Jan 12 - 14) is the 'Xena' Convention held in Burbank, California at the newly renamed Burbank Airport Hotel and Marriot.

The headliners are Lucy and Renee of course, with Lucy doing two concerts at the famed Roxy in Hollywood. (The movie 'Night at the Roxyburry' with Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan keeps popping up in mind whenever I hear the venue mentioned.) Also appearing are Rob Tapert with Liz Friedman who'll do a panel. If you attended the 2005 convention, it will apparently be the same set up.

Lucy and Renee will appear seperately and then together on stage on Sunday. What a treat!

And for you convirgins out there who have photo ops with Renee, she always does something special during the photos. So you were warned. Don't be suprised if she comes in the outfit from "If the Shoe Fits."

Also appearing are:

* Zoe Bell (Lucy's stunt double and star of the upcoming film 'Grindhouse')
* Steven L. Sears
* Michael Hurst and Jennifer Ward-Leyland
* Claire Stansfield
* Robert Trebor
* Adrienne Wilkinson
* Jay Laga'aia
* Brittany Powell (Brunhilda)
* Patrick Fabian (Rafe)

Sheeri Rappaport was originally signed on, but had to back out due to a family matter.

There are going to be a plenty of things to do, with several fan films being premiered from Xenaversity, Deb Abbott, and Wendy Wood.

Have a pleasant time to all who are going and safe travels to all who have to come from afar to attend the convention.

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