Sunday, June 10, 2007

Attention Xena fans, GE has nothing to do with Universal

A word to the group that wishes to harass the poor board of directors at GE (General Electric, the parent company of Univesal Studios):

GE, the board of directors, and their stockholders don't give a flying flick about the XENA MOVIE.

GE and it's board of directors are not involved with the movie making business, so harassing those people is not going to help you any. It may lead to certain people getting pissed at you folks because you're barking up the wrong tree and you make, in effect, make matters worse.

Keep writing to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS. They own the damn rights. They own the FATE. Not GE. Not their board of directors. Not their stockholders. (Word up: those guys look at the numbers too... see a pattern here?)

Direct your anger at right people.

Edited to add:

Yes, I know that GE owns Universal. But the movie studio operates as a seperate entity from GE. So hence, writing to GE won't make your case any more important. You'll just annoy the hell out of them like you did poor Mr. Andrew Rona (who is the president of Rogue Films).

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