Thursday, June 07, 2007

Misguided souls

If anyone knows me, they know I like to take shots at fans because well... we fans tend to be a bit fanatical (if not looney). And it's done sometimes with utter disbelief, sometimes with love, and other times just about being sheered annoyed and sometimes is just plain funny.

Take these things:

Across my mail this morning, comes a plea to do a search for Renee O'Connor on and then click on her film "Diamonds and Guns." Now, I'm all for supporting (ahem, sometimes) the work of actors from "Xena" and "Hercules." And for what it's worth "Diamonds" actually looks funny and interesting. But I have to say, to anyone who actually thinks that by simply searching a clicking on the page for "Diamonds" is going to make people think that it's popular is well, just plain... I don't what. I'll have to get back to you on that. Later. When I actually think of what it is I want to say what it is. (Confused?)

But honestly folks, the distributors could care less about how popular a page is on Anyone who's been around long enough, knows that the Internet Movie Database isn't exactly known for its accuracy. Consider it the wikipedia of Variety or The Hollywood Reporter. It's good for basic background information, but if you really want to know you'll have to dive deeper into the issue to get the full scoop.

You knew this was coming: THE XENA MOVIE!!

The second thing is this whole conspiracy theory about the letter writing campaign and that Rob was somehow secretly sending fans a message to continue to write, even though he had been asked to relay the message of asking fans to stop writing. You can write all you want in this world. It comes down to the financial end of the movie industry. That case was made very clear at the New York convention.

If you all want to kill trees and waste gasoline sending letters to Mr. Andrew Rona at Rogue. Or whomever at Universal, be my guest. But it's not very "green" of you.

I have a suggestion about how to show the suits there's interest in "Xena." How about this: go to the conventions and buy merchandise, show them that there's an interest. Show them the money.

To quote a professor of mine: It's all about the money.

(Also about the DVD sales, I think Rob has forgotten that it was Anchor Bay that distributed the DVDs, they would have a better idea was to what was sold and returned to them and to other third party distributors. But I think a good, clear indication is that within six months of the season six release, Davis-Anderson was selling the DVDs for $29.99 a pop.)

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