Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Convention Update

Do any of your remember the telephone game? You know, you tell someone something and then they're supposed to pass it on and then by the time it gets back to you the message is so altered that the original message no longer had any of its original context?

Well, luckily, that's not happening this time around. Unlike last year when it seemed that people weren't "Tweeting" as much from the convention, people are tweeting updates and news from the convention. I'm able to get real-time updates from folks while my other sources will be posting (hopefully, if they're not all passed out from convention exhaustion) on The XOC.

The only earth shattering news that came out of today's events (rather the news of the weekend) was that Creation will continue the convention (at least for another year, after 2013, who knows). The convention will be held Jan. 11-13 at the Burbank Marriott.

Rather than me just retype or try to construct some sort of report out of 122 characters or less updates, I'll just copy and paste from my updates on the XOC. I apologize for the funky coloring.

* Classic response from Ted about the "Joxer the Mighty Song" -- Audience: Sing. Ted: F/U/C/K OFF! ~ ~ ~ Ted said it sucked playing Old Joxer because of the make -up (Tweet from Alice Clarke!) ~~ Ted's surprise was the rapping T-Money...

* Ted Raimi is on stage now... he got a standing ovation according to SharonD.

* Molly Mahan just tweeted all the guests are getting a standing ovation!

* Sharon just tweeted that Ted Raimi has a surprise for the fans!

* David Franklin says he'd love to be in 30 Rock, Modern Family, Underbelly, and Spartacus (courtesy Alice Clarke via Twitter)

* Adrienne had fun playing Livia, when hired she didn't know anything about Eve / Eve saw her violence as Eve's addiction -- this was the only way Adrienne could understand the transition between the two / Adrienne afraid of large spiders and was more afraid of losing the spider when filming the end scene in Motherhood / loved it when Eve got a backbone in You Are There. / Adrienne is a horrible gamer despite doing game voice overs, she has never played the Xena N64 game (courtesy A.C.) --

* Update from Christie Keith's Tweets : Adrienne just finished filming a film called "The American Failure" / Adrienne thanked for fans for being a part of her and enriching it (Awwww!) Follow Christie on Twitter

* From Molly Mahan ( Follow on Twitter) : Livia did her war cry!

* Steven says he would write an episode where Xena travels to present New York and meet up with Cecrops who owns a flower shop. (Courtesy Tweet from Alice Clarke -- A.C. -- Follow Alice on Twitter to get updates).

* Christie Keith from posted this pic of Steve and his puppy Julian: SEE THE PHOTO / Sharon Delaney posted this photo of Julian

* Reports from Hudson's Yoga session is getting a THUMBS UP from those who attended.

* Lots of people at the XenaCon

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