Friday, January 27, 2012

Xena Convention 2013

The rumors are not rumor anymore! I can confirm that Creation is holding a Xena Convention in 2013 at the Burbank Marriott Hotel. :D


  1. Is there a link or somewhere to buy tickets if they are selling now? And is there a site with the full info? I've never been to a convention (I did go to SacAnime though), even though I have three I really want to go to (Fanime, a Xena Convention and Comicon).

  2. Gothic,

    The convention tickets for 2013 have not been posted yet. It is really hard to say when Creation Entertainment will post them to their website. Last year, it wasn't until the middle of the year. Since they know where it'll be (the same hotel, Burbank Marriott), they already know the floor plan of the hotel. They also need to get the tickets purchased at the most recent convention entered into the system before they can even THINK of offering the Gold Packages for sale for 2013.

    What generally happens is that Creation will offer the Gold Packages first. They cost around $470. After a few months (three, maybe four until Gold is about ready to sell out), they'll sell the Silver/Preferred Packages. Those are around $300 and include a bit less in terms of perks. Shortly there after, they'll sell the general admission weekend packages (no extras, no autographs) for $100 and then they'll sell the preferred daily and general weekend.

    This is the convention website--Please take note, it is still reflecting the 2012 convention schedule.

    Just follow this Also, check out my convention guide. It's outdated as it was based on the 2010 convention but it'll give more information about Creation Xena Conventions: