Saturday, September 16, 2006

Carly gone from "Duets"; Hal, Alfonsio, Jai and Cheech steal the show; Lucy top vote getter?

Well, in case you've lived under a rock, Carly Patterson got the hold heave-ho from America and became the third person sent home on "Celebrity Duets."

Not a real big surprise there. She's young and still needs to strengthen her voice.

Cheech Marin... I really felt like I was sitting on the dock of the bay.

Jai and Alfonsio, once again showed who deserves the win (if not be the top vote getters).

Hal, if Richard DeYoung says Hall is rock-n-roll, Hal's a rocker! Go Hal! You made a fan out of me!

Lucy... Lucy... top vote getter. Looks like all those nimble fingered fans gave Lucy the top votes for Thursday, even though the performance wasn't great. Color me confused, did Lucy even sing last night? I couldn't tell. Dionne sorta washed Luce out.

Next week, two get casted off.

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