Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Xena fan club kit 12: disaster in the making

So, back in October I bought the Official Xena Kit 12. On October 26 ( a day or so after buying) Creation charges my bank account. No problem. But, here it is November 28 and I'm still waiting for my confirmation email from the buggers. Sent a couple of emails. Dude, all you need to do is look it up in the system and send me my confirmation email.

Word of advice: DO NOT BUY FROM CREATION ENTERTAINMENT! Their customer service makes Davis-Anderson's (the other fleecing of the Xena fans merchandiser) customer service people look intelligent. And they're pretty bad.

I always knew Creation Entertainment had questionable business practices with charging people before the product is even ready for shipment (often times, it takes months as with kit 11), but this takes the cake. A month and counting on my confirmation email (and yes, I've emailed them THREE TIMES about this matter!)


  1. An update, I finally heard back from them. It went from a December shipping date to a January shipping date.

    Doesn't surprise me.

  2. Yeah, see that's why I would not buy from them either even if I had the money. The wait time is ridiculous! not to mention the prices.