Friday, November 17, 2006

My convention mastercard moment...

edited from earlier because I cannot spell today...

A chance to go to a Xena convention (gold ticket): $409
Hotel Stay (Thurs - Mon): $114 x 4 + tax (roughly $80)
Food: $50 per day x 4
Airfare: (Chicago to Burbank) $274 round trip

Not including souveniors: $1419

That's a rough estimate, obviously if you buy the cheaper tickets w/o autographs or the special events it'll be just over $1G.

But the avg cost fans in occur while attending the convention is almost $2G...

I'm not done with the exercise....

Price to see Lucy in concert: $65 for STANDING! (shoot, lets go for the VIP: $140)

Total so far: $1559.

Oh wait, we have to GET to the theatre... that's another say... $40 (that's being generous)

TOTAL: $1599....

Let's figure in some photo ops....

Renee O'Connor: $70
JayLaga'aia $35
Patrick Fabian $35

Bringing our total to: $1739

And me not going to the convention: PRICELESS!

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