Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Postcard writing campaign? Still?

Right now, since the word on the street is that an offer of a direct-to-dvd movie stands for anything relating to a 'Xena' movie with the original cast, it strikes me as a little odd that people continue to send in postcards to Rogue Pictures to make a 'theatrical film.'

The offer from Universal is apparently firm and not likely to change.

While I think of the campaign as a complete waste of money and resources, its noble that some folks feel the need to get your voices heard with regards to getting a movie made. The fact is, it's all a pointless action now.

No amount of postcards, letters, faxes, emails (the latter two of which are no-nos) is going to change that.

The offer is on the table folks. It's up to Rob and Co to come up with a workable, decent story that all fans can enjoy. Keyword, all fans. That means people who see the relationships one way, or another way. Or people who don't want them to tear the finale to shreds, or people who do.

People from all different persuasions make up the Xena fandom. And that is part of what makes the show so great. We all had a hand in making it popular.

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