Thursday, January 25, 2007

Annoying having to wait

One of the worst things about these new comic books from Dynamite Entertainment is having to wait months and months for the new "issues" to come out.

All they can offer is a simple: It hasn't been released yet.

Well, no frakking 'duh. I'm asking why it's delayed and all you can give me is a circular answer. Tell me something I don't already know Einstein.

With Topps and Dark House, they came out every month. No delays. NOTHING. They got the comics out on the same time, every month.

That concept is apparently lost on Dynamite Entertainment. Write to them at and ask them why are the comics delayed yet again and tell them how much you don't appreciate them being delayed. If you complain, they might get "hint" and clean up the ship, before it sinks.

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