Friday, January 19, 2007

YouTube Video thieves! You're on my list!

What is it about people and why do they take music videos from TV shows, movies, sports, etc created by another individual and then pass them off as their own? It’s not just present in the ‘Xenaverse,’ it’s present all over the place—people are taking videos all the time created by other people and passing them off as their own.

Now, I get the fact that (1) the creators are using copyright images and music and that (2) technically what they’re doing is copyright infringement. But that does not make it okay for someone to come along and steal the videos only to claim them as their own.

Sadly, there is no recourse for us creative fans who go through a time consuming process of capturing videos, making screencaps, scanning photos, making music videos, and other creative ventures. We instead, have to deal with second-rate folks who think they’re creative.

The pirating of ‘user created music videos’ does not stop there, my friends. It also is rampant on Ebay with auctions of fan created artwork, user created DVDs of music videos, and other lifted artwork that the seller profits of their “stolen property.”

Many fans, myself included, spend countless hours working on our creations and to have someone come along and steal them is just plain rude and is not what the ‘Xena’ fandom generally breeds. The folks that do these things, are not fans. They aren’t even close to being fans. They’re scum. They’re not creative if they have to steal off of people who would be more than willing to help them out, to give some feedback, or to offer pointers. ‘Xena’ fans are generally very gracious people, but when someone steals their stuff.

Instead, the person now currently guilty of this, is thief, a cheat and a liar. And to think this person has the audacity to ask for feedback is just plain ludicrous. Having angry ‘Xena’ creative fans on your backside is not a very pleasant experience. Not when the most popular message board and the second most popular ACTIVE ‘Xena’ website comes knocking on your door, calling you out. You stole other people’s creativity. You’re damn lucky you aren’t profiting off it, you cheat! What’s worse, is that instead of doing what is ask of you, you delete and/or ban the user. There’s plenty of us out there. You’ve picked a fight with wrong people. Your choice to ignore the pleas is a sign of your ignorance and guilt.

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