Sunday, October 14, 2007

Friday Convention Report

Friday, October 5, 2007

I arrived at the hotel around noon. Which was later than expected, but traffic was a pain coming into the O'Hare area. Luckily, I was able to get into my room right away and was able to relax for a few moments. And in air conditioning, which was a welcoming sight because of the weather.

One thing, it was unseasonably warm for Chicago. The average high is around 67 degrees and for the convention, it was going to be in the mid to upper 80s with high humidity.

I got online to check my email to see if anyone had contacted me while I in transit to Chicago. I talked briefly to LK who had just gotten up and had breakfast. I decided to eat since I hadn't eaten anything for about six hours. I walked down to IHOP to get some grub and then come back to relax until it was time for Star Wars portion of the convention.

Jeremy Bulloch (Bobba Fett) was funny, but the Star Wars program was boring.

The vendors area had a mix of everything from Xena to Star Wars to Star Trek to Battlestar Galactica to pretty much everything Sci-Fi/fantasy related. There was going to be another table available in the downstairs convention theater for the Xena convention.

Renny55 from the XOC had just gotten into the hotel and wanted to meet up. So, I left the Star Wars venue, never to return again the rest of the weekend. Which was a bummer, because I really wanted to enjoy the Galactica portion of the convention.

Renny55 and I talked for a while and saw Herb Jefferson, Jr the original Boomer from Battlestar Galactica walking around the hotel lobby. We said hi to him. Renny left to get ready for the Lucy concert that night. I went back up to my room and waited around until our meet up at 7pm.

Around five or so, LadyKate (LK from XOC) came down and we meet up for dinner. We sat in the lobby bar and had dinner and talked with some people in the bar for about an hour. LK went back to her room to attend to a few things and I stayed downstairs, talking it up with more people in the bar.

The 7pm meet up was funny---I'm sitting down on a couch, looking around for people who might look like they're looking for someone when my cell phone goes off. It's AuroraGoddess from the XOC she was walking into the lobby with Point of No Return and Lawless Warrior also from the XOC.

I started looking around for someone who was talking on their cell phone and when found each other. We introduced ourselves and eventually LK made her way downstairs to the lobby. We hung out there when two more people from the board showed up: BamaXena and Lil Amazon.

As we're sitting their in the lobby, we kept seeing Ted Raimi running back and forth. He was in search of something. We found it out later that he was looking for some cigarettes.

Meeting people from the XOC was fun.

Bama and Lil went in search of food while the rest of us waited for Eniariom to arrive.

Six of us eventually ended up at the hotel restaurant (cough, expensive) and chatted up the place for a couple of hours.

What did we talk about? Talked about the convention, the show, the board, life and entertainment and whatever else caught our fancy.

Our conversations mimiced the board because we'd be talking about something and it would vere off into something else and we'd come back on track and then forget what were talking about.

The gang ended up watching some Xena episodes, I had to return to my room to do homework. Not fun...

I have a couple of pictures from the Friday meet up. I'll get those up shortly.

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