Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Football Wives, again?

Some armchair producer-tv mogul-with-a-website yahoo posted that ABC has picked up 'Football Wives' for the 2008-09 season on their LiveJournal blog (which was also posted on another website).

Now, before anyone gets excited. It's a hoax. It's false and definitely news to the programming people at ABC that it was picked up. They're sticking to the original: It's dead at ABC for all practical purposes.

My sources tell me that ABC has tried to rework the script to make it more palatable (note: it was bad) to the average US viewer and to get the bloated budget under a more managable dollar amount.

It is *possible* (in television and in Hollywood as a whole) that there is a small slight (we're talking ameoba size here) chance that 'FW' could return, sans the majority of the cast. I've heard rumblings that if it does return, it'll be without it's headliners.

So if you hear a rumor that 'FW' was picked up, it wasn't.

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