Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NBC buys Oxgen for $925 million

Why it wouldn't be a good thing to move 'Xena' off of the Oh! Network

NBC Universal has purchased the Oxygen Network for a paltry $925 million. What does that spell for 'Xena' fans who watch the show on the network? Hopefully nothing.

A lot of fans are clamouring for the series to move over to the Sci-Fi, Bravo, or USA because those networks are in more homes, etc. What these fans fail to realize is that Oxygen has the rights until 2009.

But no only that, Oxygen doesn't edit the episodes. If it goes to Sci-Fi, USA, or Bravo be prepared to lose two to four minutes in each episode. That's right. Edited for time and content. Oxygen doesn't do that to our show.

So ask yourself now, do you want to keep the full episodes on Oxygen or do you want some jerk off in an editing lab deems inappropriate or waste. Think about it.

I posted about the purchase of Oxygen last week.

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