Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Xena Movie: Is it too late for Lucy and Renee? Is it too late for a Xena movie in general?

A subject recently came up on the XOC about the Xena Movie and whether or not it's too late for a movie.

The question is basic: is it too late for a movie. As of this posting, 61 people have participated. The "yes" and "no" category is tied with 24 votes each. The remaining 13 are undecided.

It's not about how old the actresses are, but about the timing of the movie (note: there is no word on whether or not there'll be a movie). It's too late, realistically speaking. The honeymoon is long over.

It has been over five years since the finale has aired. Many people who watched the show regularily have since moved on. Note, I determine "regularily" under the studio model of those that watched eight episodes or more a season. So, with that being said, the fandom is smaller than what it was during the series run.

Movies, like television, have a series of patterns it sees during the course of a few years. In the early 2000s, it would have been easy to get a genre piece action film made. 'Gladiator' was the catalyst in the genre that spawned dozens of like-minded films. But of those films, 'Gladiator' got the awards and the acclaim. The other films fell to the wayside, only to be discusse in times like this.

If this was six years ago and 'Xena' was still fresh in the minds of the studio and the actresses were interested, it might have been made or at least given a chance to get made. The reality is, is that neither actress was interested in returning to their roles. (After the negative feedback of wishing their careers to be sacrificed for upsetting the fandom, can you really blame them??)

The movie could have catapulted on the success of 'Gladiator.' But the time of epic sword-and-sandle films are gone. The last few struggled to capture an audience. Even with the success of '300' (which was not that great of a movie), there are others that have failed in the past two years.

The time for 'Xena', has come and gone. One can only hope that the need for a female action series will return and hopefully it'll be as groundbreaking as 'Xena.'

The otherside (rather, the hidden meaning) to the poll is that are Lucy and Renee too old to reprise their roles? Not yet. But it's impossible to determine when is it they'll be too old to reprise the roles. Lucy has often said she invisioned herself playing Xena's mother.

Fans should be greatful for what they have. One of the reasons why George Lucas has never made any post-Jedi films, is because of all the books that have been written. There's tons of fan fiction out there for 'Xena' fans to read to "fill the void" no movie.

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