Friday, January 04, 2008

Questions from the query...

Here are some questions I recently received from people asking about Xena, the movie, and some other questions...

How come there hasn't been a movie yet?
The studio simply isn't interested. Without going into a lot of technical detail, there has to be a "profit" for a studio (or at least the potential to earn a profit) and after doing reseach, the studio doesn't find it finanically feasible to do a movie at this time with the original cast.

Can Rob write something for Lucy and Renee to (sic) do a convention?
No. Rob doesn't own the rights to Xena, so therefore writing anything and the producing it for a stage would be copyright violation. One of the reasons why Steven Sears can't publish his Xena play from the 2005 Burbank Convention is because of "copyright." Sure they could do it, but it would be unprofessional, if not career "altering."

Who owns the rights to Xena?
Universal Media Services LLC (or Universal Television Distribution LLC).

If Renee took money to complete Diamonds and Guns from the "fans", then why can't Rob?
There's a difference in "taking one's money" and "raising funds through legimate means." Renee auctioned off photos, personalized autographed photos and artwork to complete work on an already filmed movie.

As for why Rob can't take fans money--aside from being a logistical nightmare of who donated what and how much, he said he just couldn't do it. He'd use his own money first. (Producing 101, never use your own money to finance films, always use someone else's money.) Since there is no movie, taking money is pointless.

Why can't Rob buy the rights?
And then do what with them? You still need a studio to make the movie and they're going to look at the same information that Universal did and they'll come to the same conclusion. The movie industry is in the business of turning a profit. They're no longer in it for the art.

Will there be another midwest convention?
I don't know. That's up to Creation Entertainment. From what I saw at the Chicago convention in October, it was well attended. Though, I wonder how much of that was from the other convention held upstairs. I'm sure there were quite a few BSG fans in the back.

I would like to see them come back, as it's about $1500 cheaper for me. It was $75 for the bus ticket to Chicago and another $600 in rooming and food fees for the Chicago convention. My suggestion? Write to them and say: I'd really like you to come back to Chicago. After all, the man himself Buddy Guy did say for Lucy to come back, he loved having her!

Are they?
(If I wasn't totally intune with the fandom, I'd probably go huh?)

That my friend, is in the eye of the beholder.

The new comic books suck, why did Universal give the license to these hacks?
Ouch! That's gotta hurt. I agree, they do suck. But it's Xena, so I'm willing to overlook the crappy storytelling for a piece of Xena action.

As to why Uni gave the license to Dynamite Entertainment, I don't know. I know that Rob doesn't like them (nor the Evil Dead ones).

I think the comics are coming back sometime in 2008. No word on when the next issue is coming out.

When does (sic) Lucy's films come out?

Dragonlance comes out January 15. And Justice Leauge is released Feburary 26.

Does Renee have anything coming out?
You can catch Renee in Boogeyman 2 coming out January 8. Genesis Code is slated to air on the Sci-Fi channel sometime this year. She is also going to appear in two episodes of Army Wives, which at the moment, is in limbo because of the Writer's Strike.

Do you have a question about the show that you'd like to see my response to? (Remember, I'm not an official authority on anything officially related to the show. I just provide you with common sense answers to questions from a fan's perspective.)

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