Monday, January 07, 2008

Ash vs Xena or How much more can you destroy two classic franchises

In case you missed the 'hyped' announcement last week, Dynamite Entertainment announced that in March, they'll release the Army Of Darkness/Xena crossover comic book.

The announcement (which they claimed was surprising) hardly blew me way. It was rumoured after the launch of the Xena comic books in 2006 that there might be a chance for a Ash/Xena crossover (which, ahem several fanboys and fangirls foamed at the mouth for).

Now, to each his on this, but personally the writers at Dynamite need to be spanked with a wet noodle and plastered with saran wrap for coming up with something so silly. It boggles the mind that some twit at Universal actually sold the license to those people.

Even Rob Tapert said that he's not happy with how they handled Xena. And Sam, Bruce and him aren't happy with how they've handled Ash and the Army of Darkness franchise.

I say to those us that care about good quality Xena stories that are original and don't rely on crossovers to write to Dynamite Entertainment and demand they sit down with fans and find out what works and what doesn't work.

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