Thursday, February 14, 2008

Funny Chicago Convention Story

It was Sunday morning, October 7 and it was the last day of the Chicago convention. A bunch of us XOCers headed down to breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

So, as we're eating, Aurora Goddess and myself were talking about whether or not to get an Adrienne PhotoOp. We yinged, we yanged about it. Eventually we decided to get it. Well, here's the funny part of that story.

Sitting behind Aurora in a booth was Adrienne and two other people. I kept thinking to myself, that's Adrienne. But I wasn't sure. I kept my cardinal rule of never intruding upon someone when they're eating. And I was just like: I'm not that lucky.

Anyways, Pandora was sitting at the other end of the table. When Adrienne and these two people get up to leave, Pandora starts laughing. No one else knew and I was like: was that who I thought it was? Pandora said yes.

So here was myself and Aurora talking Adrienne Wilkinson when she was just a few feet away. Thankfully, she didn't hear us pondering whether or not to get photo ops with her!

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