Tuesday, February 19, 2008

From the query: What's it like being Xena?

I'm going to start a new section of the blog. I'm calling it: From the query where I'll pull either important questions or the most hilarious questions that I get from time to time.

This installment we have:

What is like being Xena?

The evil part of me, wanted to write some huge complaint about how the leather smells and causes chaffing, a rant about Argo always leaving, making cracks about Joxer, Ares, Caesar's power complex, Gabrielle and so on.

I thought might be a little too rough. So I opted on my: I'm not Xena or Lucy Lawless. I pointed the emailer to http://www.lucylawlessfanclub.com.

Do you have a question? Just post a comment to the this entry and I'll respond back to you. Just so you know, if you ask a crazy question, expect sarcasm!

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