Sunday, May 04, 2008

Rob Tapert discusses the series finale to Xena: Warrior Princess

On the sixth season DVD set (Best Buy Version), there was a series of interviews that covered a lot of ground. All of the DVD release contained special cut footage from the episode interviews that were included on the set. My goal is to provide fans with a sampling of what was in those interviews.

Do not comment asking if I’ll post the entire interviews. What you see is what you go. No more. No Less. Once something is captured, I will not go back and capturing additional clips.
This is the last interview from that feature. (NOTE: this interviews are only available on the Best Buy version of the sixth season). Rob Tapert talks about the finale the decision to end it the way they did. I don't provide disclaimers for any vidoes that I post. Consider this your first and only warning.

To download this clip and more clips (note: I will not provide the complete feature) click here.

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