Friday, June 06, 2008

Don't get scammed on

I was looking to see what Amazon (and third party sellers) had to offer in terms of Xena merchandise.

This is what I found concerning the 12-inch Xena dollies:

Gabrielle Amazon Princess Doll which the seller has it listed for an overpriced $59! Dudes, go to eBay, you can buy it cheaper. About $30 or maybe even $50 cheaper.

Next we have the ever popular Callisto Doll. Priced a much more reasonable $24.99, this is a pretty decent bargain. Though, you can probably pick it up cheaper on ebay.

Xena collectible merchandise is getting harder and harder to come by. The new generation of fans are collecting the items and more and more fans are keeping their collections.

The "bad" part about the fandom, is that fans seemingly set their own prices on their collections. (Which is why that Gabrielle doll is $59.) You have to be careful when searching for Xena merchandise.

It's best to know what the average price items are selling for. For the 12-inch Xena dolls the average price is $9.99 to $14.99. For the 6-inch Xena dolls, the average price is $4.99 to $9.99.

Here's my tips:

  • Check eBay for stuff. This is the best spot to find Xena merchandise and usually at reasonable rates.
  • Grage sales. Believe it or not, this is actually a good place to find Xena stuff. People, who bought the stuff when the series was popular, may no longer care will simply sell the items at dirt cheap prices.
  • Fea Markets is also a good place to check for Xena merchandise. A word of caution, these people also sell items at a higher price. But if you know that it' $10 on ebay with $10 shipping and the product at the flea market is $15... buying it from the flea market benefits in the pocketbook.

Word of caution!!!

Even eBay has its fair share of scammers. These people often inflate their prices so you have to watch that. They generally nail you on the shipping. Depending on how the item is shipped, it should cost no more than $10 for U.S. (That is if the seller is based in the U.S.)

So it's best to get an understanding of the prices before you start buying Xena collectibles.

I'm fair on my Xena stuff. I know that (A) fans want the stuff and (B) I know the true value of the stuff.

The following link shows what eBay is currently offering. The Amazon Princess (noted as The Quest on the listing) doll is around $20 with shipping. There is a buy-it-now doll that will sell for around $16 with shipping.

This is an example of an eBayer FLEECING the fans! Xena 12-inch Shamaness doll. I cannot BARE to even write the price down.

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