Friday, July 25, 2008

Bitch Slap!

Someone asked me my thoughts on this film. I'll be blunt: it looks crappy and stupid.

Before anyone goes: But, but you shouldn't judge it... know this: You don't know what I like to watch and vice versa!

Now, granted, I haven't see the film (nor care too) so it might be kind of judgmental of me to make that assumption that it is crappy and stupid. (Given the trailer, the producers haven't given me a reason to like it.)

However, having worked fourteen years in a video store and seeing thousands of movie trailers, I've gotten to be a good judge about movies. I can safely say, I've been more right than wrong about the "enjoyable" factor of a movie.

I know what my tastes are and what I like to watch. Bitch Slap isn't a movie I'd sit back on the recliner and watch much less go to a movie theater. (FYI: The same thing will go for Bedtime Stories at the end of the year.)

Now, obviously this movie gets some of the Xena and Hercules gang back together again for a brief moment in time. That's good from the outside looking in. But does that mean I have to subject myself to something I wouldn't normally watch if they weren't involved? No. It doesn't.

Will it help the movie? Probably not. Plenty of movies have star power only to fizzle in the box office. It's comes across as a more of a 'reunion' segment, sans the references to Xena and Hercules.

Should people be forced to watch it? No. Should they be allowed to bash the movie for being sleezy and slutty? Yeah. Should they be judged on that? NO!

It's an opinion. We're entitled to our opinions. And if we don't like someone's opinion, we deal with it in a respectable manner.

There is this expression:

What one man deems as art another deems as trash.

This applies to films. What one person may think is cool and funny, another thinks is trashy.

Titanic with Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio. I thought this was a good film. But I can name at least a dozen people who thought it was stupid from the trailer or after having watched it. Are they wrong because they haven't seen it? No. They know what they like to watch and the subject matter of the film simply doesn't appeal to them.

But just because we watch a trailer of a movie and get an opinin off of that, doesn't mean that we're being judgmental about the film itself. It means that we simply don't find the movie interesting or something we care to watch.

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