Thursday, February 12, 2009

2010 Convention News and 2009 Convention Report

Creation will start selling the 2010 Gold package tickets today (around 3 p.m. eastern time). They are $479 (up $20 from last year). So stay tuned.

The XOC is already working on it's 2010 Convention meet-up. Right now, we have a post for people looking for roommates. We'll post news and updates concerning the convention to this thread on the XOC.

We'll eventually launch the Official 2010 XOC meet-up thread.

Here's an image from our 2009 meet up (this is from Sunday, the last day of the convention). We have a nice little banner that uses the Journey Logo that Aurora Goddess (back row, on the right) created for the forum. The text on the banner is from our "Xenites" icon that we some times use in promotional material. We could start our own little United Nations with this image... really!

Check out more of my convention photos at my Flickr page.

I had a blast at the 2009 convention. I'm still working on my report, though it is available on the XOC in the Conventions Forum. (Just search for xwpweb and you'll find my postings.)

I'm also working on getting all of my images up and onto the website (in both the photo gallery and another section of the website) in the coming weeks.

The XOC Guide to Xena Conventions is also getting a retooling and will be available either later this spring or early this summer. I'm going to kick it out of MS Word and format it Adobe InDesign. I'm also gonna do a brochure to have available at the convention.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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