Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Episode Acronyms

Ever been on a Xena forum, in a chat room or on a mailing list and found yourself confused by the shortened versions of episode titles? I mean after all, if you're talking about "Is There a Doctor in the House?" can get really tiring if you're having to type out the title all the time.

Long before I ever got into the fandom some wise Xenite came up with ITADITH to make our lives a little bit easier when discussing the series.

This is list is from my board, The Xena Online Community:

AA: Animal Attraction
A & C: Antony & Cleopatra
ACAOPTB: Athens City Academy of Performing Bards
ACOE: A Comedy of Eros
ADITL: A Day in the Life
AFA: A Family Affair
AFOD: A Fistful of Dinars
AFIN: A Friend in Need
AGD: A Good Day
AITST: Adventures in the Sin Trade
ANE: A Necessary Evil
ARCOT: A Royal Couple of Thieves (sometimes incorrectly used instead of The Royal Couple of Thieves)
ASC: A Solstice Carol
ATOTM: A Tale of Two Muses
AUS: Amphipolis Under Siege
BGBG: Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts
BF: Blind Faith
BITB: Back in the Bottle
BTDT: Been There Done That
BTL: Between the Lines
CH: Coming Home
COH: Cradle of Hope
COW: Chariots of War
DIC: Death in Chains
DM: Death Mask
DOP: Daughter of Pomira
DP: Dangerous Prey
DVAOA: Deja Vu All Over Again
EB: Eternal Bonds
FA: Fallen Angel
FF & G: Fins, Femmes & Gems
FHTBT: For Him the Bell Tolls
FIN: Friend in Need
FMN: Forget Me Not
GFC: God Fearing Child
GH: Gabrielle's Hope
GJWHF: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
GK: Giant Killer
H & H or HAH: Hooves & Harlots
HOA: Haunting of Amphipolis, The
HOD: Heart of Darkness
HSCMA: Here She Comes ... Miss Amphipolis
IDAITH: Is There a Doctor in the House
IOM: Ides of March
IS: Intimate Stranger
ISAIH: In Sickness and in Hell
ITSF: If the Shoe Fits
KC: King Con
KOA: King of Assassins
KTKK: Key to the Kingdom
LB: Lifeblood
LDITE: Looking Death in the Eye
LLHOF: Lyre Lyre Hearts on Fire
LM: Lost Mariner, The
LOTC: Last of the Centaurs, The
LP: Little Problems
LUATD: Locked Up & Tied Down
MB: Mortal Beloved
MH: Motherhood
MHR: Many Happy Returns
MI: Maternal Instincts
MWF: Married .... with Fishsticks
OAAA: One Against an Army
OAHAF: Old Ares Had a Farm
OOW: Orphan of War
PF: Paradise Found
PI: Past Imperfect
PL: Punchlines
POV: Path of Vengeance
RCOT: Royal Couple of Thieves (The)
RN: Remember Nothing
ROC: Return of Callisto
ROTV: Return of the Valkyrie
SITC: Send in the Clones
SOF: Seeds of Faith
SOTP: Sins of the Past
SP: Soul Possession
TA: The Abyss
TBTB: Them Bones Them Bones
TBS: The Bitter Suite
TD: The Deliverer
TDHD: The Dirty Half Dozen
TF: The Furies
TGG: The Greater Good
TGYK: The God You Know
THAB: To Helicon and Back
THOA: The Haunting of Amphipolis
TLOTC: The Last of the Centaurs (LOTC is the more common acronym)
TLW: Ten Little Warlords
TOTM: A Tale of Two Muses
TOTKO: Takes One to Know One
TPNT: The Path Not Taken
TPTT: The Play's the Thing
TQIM: The Quill Is Mightier
TR: The Reckoning
TRCOT: The Royal Couple of Thieves
TTB: Ties That Bind
[TUE: some fans' nickname for Soul Possession -- "The Unmentionable Episode"]
TXS: The Xena Scrolls
VA: Vanishing Act
WFC: When Fates Collide
WG: Who's Gurkhan?
WIR: When in Rome...
WP: Warrior ... Princess
WPT: Warrior ... Princess ... Tramp/Warrior ... Priestess ... Tramp
YAT: You Are There

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