Tuesday, June 26, 2007

YouTube and Xena's popularity

This recently came into my comments:

Already 6 years have passed.. My god..Speaking of the Xena fandom. I've noticed how many youtube vids there are on youtube. Couldn't we like use youtube to show the popularity of Xena? Show it to Universal? I don't know if the number of viewed are those of unique views, but anyway, it could be a thought to set up a little movie, adding it to youtube, not giving it the tags of xena, and tell nobody.

That won't work. It doesn't matter how popular Xena is on YouTube. Internet popularity doesn't amount to a hill of beans to these guys, and rightfully so.

As I have explained SO MANY TIMES before, it's not the size of the fandom or not realizing the size of the fandom (which is probably quite small when you get down to it). It's probably not even the fact that they don't "get Xena."

It all boils down to (say it with me now kids) the FINANCIAL ASPECT OF THE INDUSTRY. The fact is, Universal had a very bad experience with the "Firefly" movie. They are not likely to make that mistake again.

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