Thursday, October 18, 2007

Favorite episode

What say you... what is your favorite episode (or episodes) from each season. Limit it to five per season.

Season 1
Sins of the Past
The Greater Good

Season 2
Return of Callisto
Ten Little Warlords
The Price

Season 3
One Against an Army
Been There, Done That
The Furies
Maternal Instincts

Season 4
Past Imperfect
A Good Day
In Sickness and In Hell

Season 5
Looking Death in the Eye
Amphipolis Under Siege

Season 6
FIN 1 & 2
Path of Vengeance
Old Ares Had a Farm


  1. Yeppy, they are so good episodes^-^
    Well... you seem a really big fan of Xena, so I would have a question if you didn't mind;
    There is a song in season 3 episode 16 called "When in Rome" after the Main title. You surly know the artist and the name of this song so I would be really grateful if you told me:)
    Thank you^-^

  2. I'm a bad fan, I cannot for the life of me remember the song. I couldn't even find it on that thing called Google. I do know that it's not on any of the CDs. I do know that the first part of the song is called Froach (or Froah) something er other. Happy Hunting. Jenn (xwpweb from XOC, and writer of this blog)

  3. Hahahah. Found it within one search. Weird.

  4. woaa:D:D:D
    Thank you:D I wish it was the part I searched so long:)but thanks to you for caring:)So nice:)
    I asked there in youtube too;)So I hope I will get an answer soon:)
    Really? I'm in XOC too will add you if you don't mind:D:)
    (And I'm sorry for the late reply I was kinda busy)

  5. That's okay. It took me a while to respond.