Sunday, November 04, 2007

Xena Online Update and life in general

I think I'm hitting that upperclassman syndrome where you really don't want to do any more homework, papers, reading and tests.

But oh well, it has to get done and I know what I'm doing this week.

Let's talk a little Xena...

I'm working on a project right now, that'll catapult the homebase into something really special. I'm shooting for a January 1, 2008 relaunch of the entire site with new features, plenty of information, and multimedai.

It'll be the "Xena" website for all-things "Xena." Read: Xena. No splintering off into other topics, genre and actresses. Nor will it focus on the actors new projects (that's what will be fore). It'll be a "Xena" websitein the most purest sense of the word.

What does that mean? Oh, I have my ideas what it will involve and will involve in the coming future. Thing of it as one huge website dedicated to soley to Xena (Hercules will come eventually) with nothing else in mind other than the fans.

Why I started doing this in the midst of transition from my retail job over to a job at the school newspaper, I don't know. Or why I started doing this midst of the school year with about three projects due in the next 3 weeks. Ouch.

Oh, I'm heading for some late nights. That's for sure. Just keep the coffee hot.

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