Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Xena Campaign to get her back on TV

Hey folks. I'm currently looking into a list of potential target networks to get the series back on the air in the United States. This is a Xena Online Community campaign and we'll have more information in the coming weeks.

Our approach to this campaign is simple. There'll be no petitions (those are pointless) and we're going to use some tried and true efforts from other campaigns that helped or at least had impact on canceled shows to get them back on the air. In our case, it is to get the series back into syndication. Some of the things you'll see? Postcards to print up to send to head of programming for the current target network.* We'll also going to have form letters for you to copy and paste to send via email.

It is better that we are unified in one voice with one single message: Get Xena back on TV in syndication.

I'll have more information on this campaign in the coming weeks.

*To prevent a large mass of emails and postcards going out to various networks, our campaign will target one network over a set amount of time. When we hear back from the network that they are not interested, they'll move to the bottom of the list and we'll pursue the next network and start all over. If they tell us they're interested, we'll turn our campaign down a notch but we'll keep pressure on them.

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  1. Sounds good to me...are we doing this or what?? battle on