Friday, February 03, 2012

Get "X" On campaign update

Just a few updates and clarifications about this campaign. We're not to be confused with the Xena Movie Campaign initiative which wants a movie. We're all about getting the series back on TV.

The title of the campaign is titled Get "X" On, and the basic premise of the campaign is get the series back airing on TV in repeats. We're going for a new season, movie, whatever. Our goal is to get show back into the homes of millions of fans nationwide (United States). From there, our hope that if the network is friendly enough hopefully the Xena Movie Campaign folks can use the re-airing of the series for the campaign.

After all, exposure is the key. If the series isn't on TV anywhere in the United States, it'll be hard to market the prospects of the movie. They way that I see it, our campaigns are equally united in getting the thing that we love, XENA, back to life in some form. If all we get is a syndication deal on a some off-the-beaten-path network, then that's all we get. At least she'll be battling warlords and demons once again.

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