Sunday, January 27, 2008

News from the Convention

It's not suprising that R.J. Stewart received a little flak of over "A Friend in Need." Although, it seems to me that people would be better off realizing that they can't change what happened and it's really no use in crying over it six and a half years after the fact. But, whatever.

Another interesting tidbit is that Renee's appearance on Army Wives will be a month or so long and that she'll play a character unlike what we've seen in the past and definitely not like what the fans are used to seeing. She'll be playing the agressor and will be in a position that some wish she would have been in while on Xena.

Lucy apparently hit a deer with her shiny Prius. Oops. Glad she's okay and the deer, according to her, was okay. She's got a "monster truck" loner. (Psst, Lucy. You're like all the rest of the Hollywood types. Let's hope your monster truck is fuel efficient.)

In probably what was the not so surprising moment from the convention... Liz Friedman was not disappointed that X and G never kissed. "I think we did what was right the for show," Friedman said.

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