Tuesday, January 12, 2010

DVD re-releases of Xena and Hercules

Fans hoping to get the Xena and Hercules DVDs have had their prayers answered. As reported on the website, these are re-releases and not releases (at this early time) of the Anchor Bay releases from about five years ago.

The sets will retail for around $26.98, making it about $30 to $60 cheaper than the original re-releases.

A couple of notes about the audio and visual aspects. It appears, according to information from TV Shows on DVD that the video will be full screen with standard 2.0 audio.

If extras are not included, there is a reason for this. Davis-Panzer owns the bonus material that was included on the series releases. They filmed it, they included it on the sets before Anchor Bay distributed to stores nationwide.

Now, what does this mean by re-releasing the DVDs, probably nothing.

But BUY the sets. I'm being sincere. What better way to show interest in something that's been off the air than to clear the shelves of the sets from stores across the country.

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